Transformation Through the Practice of Energy Healing

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Foundation Level Studies

Online class materials and live video discussions with Bear get you started right away, culminating in a 4-day live class where you will learn to:

  • modulate and sense energy through the hands
  • work with energy blockage and flow in the body (including the diaphragm and occiput)
  • access guidance and intuitive and energetic information
  • ground and align for meditation and healing
  • sense into the physical body, the auric field and chakras
  • open, balance and cleanse the entire physiology with chelation technique
  • practice Chakra Energetics™ and Chakra Communication™
  • treat burns, cuts and inflammation, headaches, colds and flu with the Energy First Aid Kit™
  • generate specific frequencies of energy for healing
  • sense into physical organs and perform an energy liver cleanse


Study Energy Signatures™, a model that encompasses physical health, energy metabolism, energetic imbalances, chakras, early development and beliefs, defensive patterns, and gifts of each energy type.

Experience the pivotal role of presence, compassion and consciousness in becoming a truly great healer with the help of ancient Buddhist practices.

With direction and personal feedback from teachers there is a steep learning curve. At the end of this class you will be able to work with chakras, auras, the physical body, and perform a basic energy healing session from head to toe!

Certification: The McKay Method® Energy Healing Technician

Continuing Education Credits available – contact us for more information



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